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Tenere Tom 12 Nov 2011 00:06

XT600 engine for sale (UK)
As the title suggests I have a XT600 lump for sale. It was a runner before it was removed.

It has been sat for a while and is just getting in the way...

Any takers before it goes on Ebay?


kentfallen 12 Nov 2011 19:52


History (if known)?

If it's a good one it shouldn't hang around long on Fleabay. The XT6 is such a reliable nail, not many good engines come up for sale.

Good luck.

Tenere Tom 13 Nov 2011 20:12

It was an engine that came from another XT that I bought for spares but ended up using!!!

It has had a high compression piston and ported head fitted.
As I recall it was pretty damn good!!! You will need to fit some trick carbs to unleash it's full potential.

When I sold my Tenere it was put on the shelf and has been there for some time.

If anyone was to buy it I would recommend a good service and maybe a top end strip/rebuild.

If you know your way around an XT lump it is a small job...

These engines are going for silly money on ebay and I wouldn't know what to ask for but I'm open to offers via PM.

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