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Jez1965 25 Feb 2007 23:45

XT600 CDI Unit
Hi I am currently building an XT600 (1984 43F) I have a problem with the CDI unit that came with the bike (I bought it as a basket case) The bike is not fitted with a side stand cut out switch or a clutch switch, but the CDI unit has a 3 pin connector on it which I believe is for these additional items. The three wires are colour coded blue, blue/yellow & black. Does anyone know if I can fit this to my bike & do I need to do anything with these wires? Is the blue wire for the nuetral light (I understand the sky blue wire is for the neutral indicator switch) if this is correct do I need to connect the additional blue wire to the sky blue wire to complete a circuit? Do I need to do anything with the side stand wire blue/yellow or can I just omit this wire all togethour? What should I do with the black wire (of the 3 pin plug) should I earth this to the frame or join it into the black wire which comes off the CDI unit into the black wire from the loom?
Hope this makes sense as any advice would be much appreciated.:thumbup1:

AlexD 26 Feb 2007 09:02

Without my bike in front of me I don't know about the wire colour questions, however I know that the sidestand switch makes a circuit when the stand goes up. The switch has been replaced with a length of wire on my XT600Z 3AJ and works fine.

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