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Ian 27 Mar 2004 14:57

XT500 Disc Brake and Forks Upgrade
Anyone attmepted to upgrade the front end of their XT500 with a disc brake and different forks?

I'd be interested to know the details (which bike the forks and wheel came from, mods to the frame etc.) and level of difficulty involved. Also the effect on steering geometry and ground clearance.

Thanks in advance.

andygray 8 Apr 2004 03:23

Hello Ian
No direct answers to your question so I will point you to a good XT forum in Holland where I am sure someone can help. I am a member of the club and remember seeing photos of an xt500 with the first series WP upside downs with disc from a ktm on one of the bikes. How much work was done changing the stearing stem etc. I dont know but you can post in the forum under TECKNIEK in english and you should get help.
(register with name = naam and password = wachtword)
If you dont get a result I can try for you.
Sounds like worthy improvement you have planed.


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