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didilevs 23 Jul 2012 19:13

xt 600 starting problems
hi everyone i have a 1986 xt 600 i am having problems getting it running it seems to be firing but will not start i have stripped the carbs and cleaned them but no joy.when i kick it over it is back firing out off the air filter box under the seat there is also petrol getting into the air filter and there doesn,t seem to be getting into the cylinder head any help please cos its doing my head in.

Mezo 23 Jul 2012 23:57

Are the seals on the intake boots OK? (the bit between the carb & the head) make sure there is no leak there first, they have a rubber o-ring.


didilevs 24 Jul 2012 00:16

yes they are fine.i have put fuel down the inlet on the carb boots and the bike tries to start but it seems to be firing back through the carbs cant figure it out got the manual and been through it several times setting the carbs still the same though.could it be a timing problem. help?

bacardi23 24 Jul 2012 03:24

You had a plausible idea...

yes you should put gas in the engine.. but not through the inlets... Remove the sparkplug and put some through it, refit sparkplug, and fire her up!

I think your problem is the fuel pipe from the fuel tank to the carburetor is cracked or similar and is letting air inside thus not creating enough vaccum to suck in all the needed fuel!

also, try increasing the idle screw!
and for god sake, use the choke!


Mezo 24 Jul 2012 06:09

Give us a bit more info, was it running fine & then,,,,,?

Is this bike new to you? or some other knob cocked things up?


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