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Eriks 14 Apr 2007 08:18

WP Suspension
Hi there, I've tried to contact WP Suspension through the contact form on their website WP Suspension || Home :: Motorsport, Bikes, Motorcycles, Racing, Fork Spring ... (formerly known as White Power Suspension), but I receive zero replies.

Does anyone of you know a contact email address?


bikerfromsark 15 Apr 2007 19:51

I have always had a great response from the guy at the end of the phone on this number 01449777161 He works for white power UK, I am ordering a rear. shock from them next week for a TTR.
Erik I have just been reading your blog its great! Im taking my TTRE trans africa in sept, I can't wait!!!
Keep enjoying ur travels and keep up those blogs!


Eriks 16 Apr 2007 01:21

Thanks for your kind reply Mr. Bikerfromsark. My topic with WP is that I got blisters on my butt and I hope they can supply a fully adjustable shock (e.g. WP Fusion) for my TTRE. I sorely miss this treat from my old TTR. Did you discuss this option with your phone guy?

Sure I will keep up the blogs, if only I get my bike across the f**king ocean to Oz. Last news is that the indonesian boat crew refused to sail because it was friday 13. ...dah !

Hey, I'm looking forward to read some hefty trans-africa stories in YOUR blog!

lecap 16 Apr 2007 11:54

Had comunications problems with WP many years ago and went with Wilbers ever since (retailer & workshop as well as end user). Very good products, very good service. I recommend them.
Wilbers Products GmbH / Tolles Fahrwerk! / Ihr Fahrwerksspezialist aus Nordhorn / Unsere Marken: Wilbers Racing Suspension, Wilbers Sports Line, Wilbers Classic Line, Wilbers Eco Line, Promoto, Hyperpro, Hagon, Heat Pro, Fahrwerksspezialist, Federbei

bikerfromsark 16 Apr 2007 22:52

Hey Erik
I have experimented with a blog/myspace thing but am going to try to learn how to make a proper website. I am currently up grading my TTRE to TTR suspension (front and rear). I don't know how a TTRE would ride with a TTR rear shock with out TTR front forks because there is a 50mm difference in length front and back (TTR being longer) and it maybe that the front end will be strange. (Im sure I am telling you nothing new here). I know that I get VAT off because they are posting out side of the UK (Channel Islands) as you too will be having the product posted out of the UK then you too maybe able to save abit.

George Guille


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