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Osmund 9 May 2010 21:18

Where to get front fender?
Hi all
I just had to pull off my front wheel, and i noticed that my front fender is just hanging there because its used to it....
Its broken around the screws on both sides, and the prev owner har tried to fix it, with no luck..

Does anyone know where to get it? Id hate to have to go to the dealer...
Kedo doesnt have it, and none of the us-netshops ive used. Didnt find it on ebay.com, .de, .co.uk either...

Its an 90`tenere, 3DS/3aj



bacardi23 9 May 2010 21:44

About almost all front fenders will fit most bikes as they pretty much "generic"...

what bike have you got?
I'm also searching for a good front fender for my XT600E but none of the ones I've seen are not the one I like..
I want one that earlier 2000's YZ and WR bikes used to have as they are the strongest I've seen around...

Several manufactures: Acerbis, UFO, Polisport make them

Vando :cool4:

Osmund 9 May 2010 21:56

Thanks Bacardi, ill try the ones you suggested..
Edited my post, forgot to say which bike...hehe

The fender is close to the wheel, screwed into the sides of the fork, so I guess it has to be OEM or a copy...


bacardi23 9 May 2010 22:05

oh, those! lol

well, I've seen some people having one of those steering stabilizers that "hold" both fork legs right above the front wheel with an aftermarket Supermoto style front fenders attached to them...

good luck!

Vando :cool4:

Osmund 11 May 2010 06:35

Well as I couldnt find any suitable fender on the net, and since Im going to repaint it in the winter, I used my soldering iron and welded it together.. Worked great, just smelled a bit... ;-)
Ill post some pics of it later...


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