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photographicsafaris 23 Oct 2007 23:36

Where to get Exhaust down pipes 87 xt600
Resolving issues gradually and slowly getting to grips with the bike, learning quickly! and lovin it

So many positive coments and tips so far, thanks guys, but where do I get accessories for an older Yammy?

Attachment 766

This is the state of affairs that I have been left with thus far, with prudent use of a hammer and then a bigger hammer then heat and frustration with mole grips I am sure I will get that sucker out, but any tips; I would be grateful for!

Where can I get cheap downpipes? and are all XT600's of the 87 variety the same down pipes? they all look similar.

Cheers G

tomwest 25 Oct 2007 13:37

All downpipes for xt600 will fit,at least up to 94.Haven´t had any XT newer than that so I can´t say for sure but I think it´s the same for those.

You can pick up loads of XT stuff from ebay,chek the german site it´s usualy loaded with Xt´s and parts for sale.



Martynbiker 7 Nov 2007 22:18

NO HAMMER! well not a big one.........
i would try to "ease" that baby out of there, it may actually be easier to drop the engine out of the frame ( its not that difficult, honest) to make access better.
try lots of penetrating fluid and very very very gentle taps with a very sharp small chisel to ease it out, or a dremel to cut the ring... you dont want to damage the aluminium in any way at all.........
when refitting the new headers use the copper sealing washers and coat the ends of the headers, the studs in the head, the nuts on the studs etc, in copper anti-sieze compound ( copaslip) this will stop the electrolytic action of the aluminium and steel welding itself together in future.
Patience is a virtue here im afraid...... like waiting for the perfect picture.... its gonna take time, and you cant rush it.


photographicsafaris 8 Nov 2007 19:35

Run out of attachments, but google search for:
vultures "patience my ass I'm gonna kill something"

and you will see how I feel!

I finally resolved the issues, used the two screw method to remove the double ended threads.
I figured out the chisel and hammer idea, delicately... but no success
My neighbour is most useful as an antique desiel engine mechanic, he goaded me on for the day, whilst I worried the header with a pair of mole grips, WD40 for about an hour or so.

I resisted his very persuasive argument to let him heat it a bit. and swore at the bike alot, even kicked her once or twice, but constantly aware that I may have to do this in the bush.

30 minutes continous worrying with the bigger mole grips, (I've been watching my jack russel doggie go nuts shaking squeeky toys to bits so learnt from her.) and many many violent epitaphs later, I managed to release the one pipe blixem.

A further 45 minutes and now three sizeable blisters later I removed the other blixem then the copper bits as well.

I am now the proud owner of new Yamaha downpipes and the wrong (but it fits) silencer. Incidently the yamaha parts may (or may not) be stainless steel, but they are black and are cheaper than anywhere else.


Martynbiker 8 Nov 2007 19:46

well done!
now post us some pics of the blisters! hee hee :thumbup1:

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