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adithyarisingsun 7 Dec 2010 22:26

what if I have put too much oil in my xt600??
I have added oil just some days ago, since it seemed like it was below min. After adding oil, it was too high, and I took some oil out. I thought than that is was at the right level, but when driving, the bike was producing white smoke and stopped. I cheked the level of oil at that point, but the reading showed that the oil was at half of the dippstick (after riding 10 min).
Starting after that was no problem and I drove the machine for about half hour. Just the next day it did not start again, and can't get the machine to start since than. I checked the oillevel again, and now it showed a high (just above F), so took oil out again. :confused1:Could I have done some damage to my machine by adding too much oil?

I looked at the air filter, it seems clean (?)
Does any of you have any suggestion?

Steve Pickford 7 Dec 2010 22:34

Did the same on one of my KTM's recently, I just sucked some out of the crankcase using a large syringe with a battery breather tube attached.

DougieB 7 Dec 2010 23:02

white smoke ? not blue-ish smoke ?

Jens Eskildsen 8 Dec 2010 14:38

Hi, when you check the oil, the bike needs to be fully warm, I cant get a good reading here in the winther unless I ride a long trip. You need to atleast ride for 10-15min with some speed on it. Then shut the bike down and check the level. Its real easy to overfill theese bikes. If you're much in doubt, drain the oil and meassure it. Mine needs around 2,8ltr with filterchange. (2003 model) If the oil shows high when cold and left overnight, there would probably be way to much oil in.

Some slightly overfill, like a couple of deciliters (a couple 100 mililiters) wont hurt the bike, it will just burn most of it, and vent a little bit into the airbox.

The bike not starting doesnt seem to have any problems with the overfill.

Bu ttell os more, is it cranking, is it trying fo light the gas (small pops and/or backfires) or what?

diehard 8 Dec 2010 16:48

oil in xt600
i've got a xt600e, 2003, and as jens said, i put to much oil when i done my 1st oil change, and it vented into air box, you wont know its done this without taking off the air box cover ( it got a good seal ) i now measure the oil i put in, and road run the bike 15mins and check again.

i never got any white smoke out of my bike on my over fill.


Jens Eskildsen 8 Dec 2010 20:35

Theres adrainpipefrom the airbox, the hose goes down and stop somewhere behind the gear lever. Theres a "cork" you unplug downthere, and whatever is in the airbox, drains out. Remember the plug, or the bike will draw in dirty air around the airfilter.

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