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RobyBlue 5 Mar 2004 00:16

Tubeless wheels
Hi guys,
I own a 1989 tenere and I'd like to know if someone knows if it's easy to find tubeless wheels for my byke.
Anyone out there already gathered some information?


GeoffE 5 Mar 2004 00:53

Hi Roberto,
Wire Spoke Wheels? I am aware of 2 makes. One being BMW - they look funny to me as the spokes go right to the outer edges of the rim.
The other make is Dymag who manufacture a lovely set of Carbon spoke wheels which are tubeless and originally made for the Ducati Monster (see http://www.dymag.com/Wire%20Spokes.htm ).

Over here the Dymags are available for other bikes (Triumph) at £2957 (Jack Lilley).

I don't think these options are viable for our Tenere (I have an '88 model).

I have also seen mention of a US company who 'seals' the inside of the rim, so that you can fit a tubeless tyre. I don't know anybody who has tried it, and I think most people would be a bit worried about the potential of an air leak?

Ciao, Geoff

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Steve Pickford 5 Mar 2004 12:46

I believe that the Aprilia Caponord has tubeless wheels, similar to the BMW cross spoke design.

Honda XL600LM from the mid 80's (red engine & gold rims) had a tubeless design also. In this case the spokes were fixed to a central lip on the rim & did not penetrate the inner part of the rim.


GeoffE 6 Mar 2004 01:44

Caponord - what a great bike. Aprilia use to make the F650 for BMW, and I wonder if the tubeless spoke wheels are an extension of this liaison?

FredXTZ 8 Mar 2004 14:36

Peter Severijnse has his Caponord for sale here in Holland.

Fred, XTZ660, Holland.

DAVSATO 9 Mar 2004 00:32

i would carefully look at BMW wheels before trying to get them to fit your XT. they are great wheels, but look at the angle of the spokes between the rim and your hub, and make sure they will fit. i have put 17" MORAD rims on my original hubs and even that slight change in angle can cause the spokes not to line up properly.
with the spokes on the outer edge of the rim, the angle will be a lot different.(BUT, it maybe a change for the better? i dont know, someone please spend a fortune on BMW rims and answer this question!!)


Breed1229 8 Dec 2006 16:46

tubeless wheels
I don't know about tubless wheels but I do know of inserts that replace the innertube. My brotherinlaw uses them in hairscrambles, here in Ohio.
They are made off solid foam cores. We got them from TECH TUBES
(201) 848-0668
This is another place that I heard has them.
This is definatly a better way to go, how ever be ready the take some getting used to. They just feel a bit different.:biggrin:

bolla 8 Dec 2006 19:24

I met a guy who had a Honda XL (Tubeless) rim laced to an oringal yamaha front hub this was then put on an XT600 3AJ everything was fine. I think the Honda rim was just over £100 new.

Mr. Ron 9 Dec 2006 03:58

This guy builds them in the US. http://www.woodyswheelworks.com/index.shtml He built me a 2.15-21 for my GS. Actually, go strait to this link: http://www.woodyswheelworks.com/wisdom.shtml for more info on this topic.
WARNING!! I had this problem: I pryed a new set of Continental TKC's onto my beloved rim and off i go. Ended up having three blow-outs! All at 130kph. Couldn't figure out why the tire was blowing out. No leaks through the silicone seal or the vent. I ended up stuffing a tube into the tire. Picked up a nail and had a fourth blowout! This time the tube rattling around in the wheel destroyed the silicone seal, no more tubeless for me :(
I did some research and discovered that the Continentals were having problems sealing on the Sun rims and the beads were blowing. This post is in NO way slagging Woody's Wheel Works...he is Very reputable and does fine work. Although sealing a centre-spoke rim is an option, i personally wouldn't do it again.

Breed1229 12 Dec 2006 04:12

Dear Roberto, Why is it that you are trying to go tubless in the first place?
I'm not so sure that is a better way to go.

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