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superfour1300 6 May 2012 19:31

ttr600 shock swap
any of you guys know what other shock will fit into a ttr600 yamaha?
ive got a ttr600re..electric start model..it comes fitted with a sachs rear shock as standard..its much shorter than the ttr600 belgarda ohlins rear shock..cant find a used ohlins shock for it so was wondering is there another shock from another model that is a few inches longer would fit..

bacardi23 7 May 2012 01:31

There is a XT600 rear shock length comparison table out there somewhere..
I was looking for it but can't find it...

I believe it was on a german XT600 website.
Maybe one of the other guys can help you out!

Good Luck!
Vando ;)

cyberzar 9 May 2012 19:49

TTR and TTRE shock shape of the lower side is not common, combined with the lenght.

Can give you the sizes you need:
lenght (center hole to center hole) 398 mm
upper link width 30mm, hole 12mm
lower link width 25mm\36mm internal/external of the fork, hole 12mm
spring lenght 250mm, 385lbs

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