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banditderek 9 Mar 2012 07:49

TTR600 Info
Hi all. I've been off here for a while, me and the missus have just moved to Australia. Naturally I went straight for a bike to get me round this place. I purchased a very tidy TTR600 (2003) for the job. I plan on doing as much off road as possible, but during the week its gonna get me to work and back. I wanted to ask about their lack of cush drive rubbers. I had an XT before and it was smooth onthe road, but the TTR is grabby and not smooth. Will this negatively affect the bike? Heard the gear box wont last as long. Is this true? I've seen pics on Horrizons of people doing round the world trips on these, so surely they last well?

ssbon 9 Mar 2012 08:29

wheel info
hi are you using knobblies or street tyres ? , knobblies act as a cush drive on the road to some extent ( road tyres can be too grippy) ,chain in good condition and adjusted correctly? you have the tt600r kick start version? ,the later tt600re version electric start came with a cush drive rear wheel YAMAHA TT600RE 2004 REAR WHEEL-Genuine Spares/Spare Parts
you might be able to pick one up from a bike breaker? hope this helps steve

banditderek 9 Mar 2012 08:49

I'm running Dunlop D606 rear (Knobbly). Mine is the R, so solid rear drive and kickstart only. Thanks for the info.:mchappy:

Linzi 9 Mar 2012 14:29

Cush Drives.
Hi Bandit, I have done a thousand miles or so on a TTR 600R. I haven't found it grabby at all and wonder if you're just a little too harsh on clutch release. No criticism here, only pondering. All my previous experience has been on an old Guzzi with cush drive and shaft of course. The heavy flywheel effect means that skillful and gentle gear changes are needed, this comes with practice. Maybe it's just down to your present skill gained on a different bike?

I mean that in a little while you'll possibly not notice any snatchiness and wonder what the problem was. That's my theory. Lindsay.

banditderek 10 Mar 2012 23:27

You may be right, as I've not ever owned a bike without cush drives. I've found that minor adjustments, like having the clutch cable in the right position have made a big difference in smoothness. I will persevere :thumbup1:

banditderek 17 Apr 2012 08:28

Ive had a breakthrough! I found out that the rear preload was way too soft. Much like a bicycle with rear suspension thats too soft, when you pedal, half of the power bounces you up and down. That was happeneing on my TTR. Cranked up the preload so when I sit on it it sags a little and hold firm. Now when I accelerated the bike pulls smooth and no chain slap. Pity though, the chain has slapped the chain guard/roller to bitsdoh

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