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superfour1300 3 May 2012 00:20

ttr600 belgarda supermoto
hi guys..
got my 2005 ttr600re kitted out in belgarda red/white colours..
it was blue when i bought it..
got a tank of a hubb member..thanks john.
got a complete decal kit from www.ttr600.de
new genuine yamaha front and rear fenders,headlight cowl,fork leg protectors..
the seat cover is discontinued from yamaha but was able to source a new old stock cover from france..
fitted black excel rims,stainless spokes and talon gold hubs..again bought from a forum member,thanks dave..
micron end can..noisy :-)..again from another hubb member..thanks andy..
now what i would like is an ohlins shock from the belgarda model...if not would anyone know what other models,rear shock would fit straight into the ttr to raise the ride height at the rear?

geordie_e 3 May 2012 08:49

WOW that looks fantastic !!

I have just finished prepping my TT600RE for a round the world trip.. it look nothing like a stock bike now :thumbup1:

Good luck with the rear shock, being a short one I would love to lower mine an inch or two !

Geordie aka Will

mossproof 21 May 2012 23:27

Forgive me if this is complete gibberish! Does the 600 have an adjustable rear shock similar to the 250? Winding up the preload/"sag" adjuster lifted mine with a load on. Also, does anyone make an extended bottom linkage which would have the same effect, again like the 250 (ttr250.com)? Sorry, I'll get my coat!
Gorgeous work on the tank btw.

Linzi 22 May 2012 14:30

I spoke to Dave Lambeth about lowering a kick start TTR 600R and he said the linkage available made a 3" difference and was therefor useless as that's far too much. Don't know about raising the bikes though. Lindsay.

superfour1300 23 May 2012 20:56

ttr600 shock
i removed my ttr600re sachs shock and took spring off it..took the shock to my engineering friend and had him cut the rod at bottom of shock in the middle..he fitted a sleeve over it that was 20mm longer and welded it back up..while it was out i resprayed the spring red..
sits now nicely at the back..
as for the longer ttr600 belgarda (kickstart) forks and ohlins rear shock..ie found them..bought a 99 belgarda :rofl:..only way i could find the suspension..i might keep the belgarda in enduro trim or sell it with the re suspension..
here is a pic of my ttr600re with modified rear shock..and the ttr600 belgarda ive bought today..wont get this home though til next week

TTR Doctor 13 Sep 2012 07:21

2 Attachment(s)
Greetings everyone, I should be very grateful for any information on where in Europe I could find new brembo brake calipers, master cylinder and braided brake lines for my '98 TTR 600 R Belgarda.
The rear brake's performance is very poor, so instead of rebuilding anything,
I d prefer to replace the brake components with new items.
Any other advice on which other brake manufacturer's components can fit are most welcome.
Happy riding.

cyberzar 13 Sep 2012 16:34

You can probably find ttr600 components from ebay, but being used no guarantee that they will be better than yours. Buy new caliper or master cylinder will cost you a few hundreds.
The rebuild is surely a cheaper option. First thing to try is install braided lines (about a hundred for both) brake fluid and pads.

superfour1300 13 Sep 2012 22:13

ttr brakes
my own ttr600re in the above pics..the rear brake is the standard brembo unit that came on the bike... and my rear brake is brilliant..plenty of bite..very easy to lock the back wheel

TTR Doctor 22 Sep 2012 17:33

Superfour, you are a lucky man then, I have to litteraly stand on the brake pedal to get the wheel locked. A close inspection without removing anything shows no faults and when the brake pedal is actuated there is movement of the caliper ... could be a constrained brake line...
Cyberzar, you are absolutely right, however my question still remains : where to find parts to rebuild those brembo master cylinders and calipers ?
Thank you both for your answers, any contact of a brembo or TTR belgarda specialist in your neck of the woods will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks !

Linzi 23 Sep 2012 14:43

Here are some.
Hauptbremszylinder Reparatur Satz Yamaha TT 600 NEU | eBay

ReparaturSatz MSB204 Hauptbremszylinder YAMAHA XT TT 600 660 XT600 XT660 TT600 | eBay

You can contact these sellers, but I'll keep searching for caliper overhauls kits. I'll need some in the future anyway. Lindsay

ps These are both front brake master cylinder kits.

Linzi 23 Sep 2012 14:56

Plus these.
Bremssattelkolben Reparatur Satz CPK-906 Yamaha TT 600 E,S NEU | eBay

Lindsay. Brake cylinder kits.

Linzi 23 Sep 2012 15:15

eBay | Yamaha TT 600 R RE S E Federn Bremssattel vorn Brembo

eBay | Bremsbel├Ąge Yamaha TT 600 R Bj. 1997 - 1998 hinten

This last shop would be worth contacting, though this ad is for rear brake pads. Lindsay.

superfour1300 27 Sep 2012 23:35

ttr rear brake
my rear caliper moves when i grab it by hand before and after ive stripped my caliper and cleaned and greased everything..to me movement in caliper shows everything moves freely as it supposed to.and believe me my rear brake is wicked...

TTR Doctor 12 Oct 2012 17:05

Thanks a lot gents, I ll have a look on e-bay then.
Happy riding.

guas38 19 Oct 2012 13:52

I own a ttr600/98 for 7 years. All I have seen is that it is very easy for dirt and grease out of the chaine to be on the rear disks surface. The first thing that uoy sould see is if the pad is stepind entirely to the disc. If not you should give it some time to comform with the disc. chang the brake liquids with fresh since it is dot 4 and in an old bike most of the times is full of moisture (water). If the disc is weared a lot you should change it together with a new pair of pads. The last posible shenario is to need a master cylinder repair otherwise you should have seen liking marks, and the brembo calipers that we have work perfectly normal.
Last thing... Take a look at this
http://www.oemmotorparts.eu/oem5.asp?M=Yamaha&T=TT R 600&Y=1999&L=YA-TT-R-600-1&O=REAR BRAKE CALIPER&F=YA-TT-R-600-1_bk&L2=YA-TT-R-600-1_bk
Here you can see whatever a yamaha distributer can see about spare parts
PS excuse my english speling. It was never my strong point but got lot worse with time...

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