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bolla 20 Mar 2006 01:59

TTR 600 Ohlins Spring
I have a 98 TTR600 Belgarda which is fitted with a ohlins rear shock.
I sent the shock away to be serviced by an approved ohlins agent.
The rear suspension is still very hard and I think the previous owner may have changed the rear spring.
My spring has 580-16/6.5 257 printed on it, I am trying to find out what these numbers mean and what spring should be fitted.
If some one has the hand book for a TTR 600 it should state the standered spring length minimum and maximum length.
It would help if I had this information

leigh 21 Mar 2006 01:37

Two springs are listed on the yamaha microfiche,5CH-F2212-00 (SPRING K= 6.5) & 5CH-F2212-10 (SPRING K= 6.9) so at a guess I would say you have the standard spring. I looked at purchasing a stiffer spring for travelling two-up with luggage, but as it was horribly expensive, never bothered. Never needed it anyhow. The tech data I have (in german) also suggests k=6.5 as standard.I can dig out the hand book and check min-max preload in mm for you if you need it.

bolla 21 Mar 2006 02:02

Thanks for reply
I spoke to the guy who rebuilt my shock and he seems to think I have the correct spring fitted but my suspension is very hard so am going to try a softer spring.
I also asked Yamaha about a new spring and was told the spring alone is £130 the complete shock is £1280 I think you will pay less then half this if you deal direct with ohlins.
I have supermoto wheels fitted to my bike I am not sure if this would affect the spring

bolla 28 Mar 2006 02:27

Hi Leigh
Could you please post the suggested damping and and compression settings for the TTR 600 suspension front and rear.
I sent my shock to be serviced and it has had more bump stops fitted I am not sure what this does but I asked the guy to put the shock back to standered.

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