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humpbackmaniac 7 Jul 2006 15:36

TTr 600 engine seems loose!
Hi All,

Newbie here, Cards behind teh bar if anyone is drinking, I have a smashing 98 model TTr600 looking to plan a slow trip to West Africa, but picked her up today and riding seems like the frame is cracked but on closer inspection teh engine is moving on teh swing arm bush. has anyone seen this before?

The bush has recently been serviced with new grease visible and is torqued up quite tight on the main swing arm bolt.

HELP! :biggrin:

Laromonster 7 Jul 2006 19:35

First i would check if all the engine mount bolts are there and torqued down, the alternative is ugly and costly.
Best of luck

Moto Zulu 7 Jul 2006 19:42


I think you have got a problem. I have seen something like that on an XT 600. I guess the only chance is to put some thin washers on the schwingarm axle. If you tight it more your swingarm will not move freely up and down.

Shit job to do. Sorry for you :-(

Let me know if you find a better way, to do it :-)

Regards Thomas

winmac 7 Jul 2006 23:41

I've run into this once when swaping engines, there are steel bushings in the engine cases you can have a shop make up new thicker one's or use washers like suggested already to tighten it up.
First you may want to look to be sure the bushings are in place, they can fall out if the engine or swingarm were ever removed.
Might be best to pull the swing arm and see what is going on.

humpbackmaniac 26 Jul 2006 17:13

Thanks guys, it was the bushes faling out during a service(!!??) i rang teh last owner and he filled me in.
Thanks again for the advise.


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