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mowby7359 29 Sep 2012 07:15

tt600 belgarda 95
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Hi, I'm new to this so I hope this is the right place to ask my question. I recently purchased this bike for a planned desert ride and when going through the bike one of the things I have found is that inside the oil filter housing there is what appears to be a drain at the bottom that is linked to the bolt and thread that secures the oil filter cover, the bolt that was there was totally wrong so it doesn't give me any hints as to how it should be. The thread has been stripped and I have tapped a new one in prep for a helicoil and I am now wondering about the function of the drain hole, can anyone help me with this as I don't want to cut off any oil supply. thanks brett

aukeboss 30 Sep 2012 20:11

A bit complicated to explain, but since you have the cover off, you'll be able to see it in the flesh also.
The oilpump pumps to the outside of the oil filter, oil runs through the filter and then, in the RH side cove, is supplied upwards to the cilinderhead, and downwards to the crankshaft (with cover off, you'll see the crankshaft is hollow, that's how the oil gets to the bigend.

The bottom cover screw indeed looks special, but I wouldn't understand why it has to be. Where it screws in in the cover it indeed blocks a drainhole. Withe the bike on the sidestand, changing oil: by removing this bolt the oil around the filter will flow into the carter and out of the sumpplug. Then, with an almost empty filter housing, it is less messy to open the cover and take the filter out.

By installing a larger dia bolt you don't block any channels that I know off, but check anyway. A M6 helicoil with standard bolt works well too.

Good luck!

mowby7359 1 Oct 2012 05:59

Thanks for that I'll post how it goes when it's up and going.

mowby7359 5 Apr 2013 01:06

Yeah all good, fitted an insert that put it back to standard and you where right it is to drain oil in the filter housing back to the crank case. One thing I did come across that may help others was a partial blockage in the oil line bolt that secures the fixed steel line that connects the right side cover to the crankcase. This may have contributed to an engine seizure that happened for the previous owner.

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