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Nixa 23 May 2008 16:04

TT 600 R, doesn't have spark
Hello guys, I've got some problems with my.

TT 600R 1999

It seems that it doesn't have spark.
Did anyone had similar problem and find some simple solution?
Bobine seems to be working
I'm affraid that it could be CDI unit, if yes than I'm f..., 600 euro for that little black thing.


ukiceman 23 May 2008 16:31

try this
Hope it’s not… but, if it is then try these guys

Capacitive ignition for motorbikes supplied by 12V.


price 131 euro


CDI Unit - Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, Kawasaki, Voltage Regulator Rectifiers, Speed De-Restrictors, Alternators for motorcycles.

Nixa 23 May 2008 17:00


I have sent them a e-mail!
I hope that they have the one I need. :)

ukiceman 23 May 2008 17:34

thats ok..

Originally Posted by Nixa (Post 190966)

I have sent them a e-mail!
I hope that they have the one I need. :)

your welcome...

let us know what the answer is because i might pick up a spare at that price!!!


Walkabout 23 May 2008 19:46


Originally Posted by Nixa (Post 190963)
It seems that it doesn't have spark.
Did anyone had similar problem and find some simple solution?


Yes, I have had a similar problem with the sparking.

I wouldn't jump in and buy new bits until the simple things have been checked: you don't say anything about the fault checks you have done or what you have found so far.
There are various posts in here about the TT600R and the poor spark that it can have "as standard" - it can be difficult to see it when checking the plug while kicking the bike over for instance.

I fixed two things together, so I don't know exactly what the cure was - therefore it is a good idea to do things one at a time and look for the difference made.
Anyway, I rubbed down all of the earth connections to do with the coil circuit, to get a really good earth (even when they look good it does not mean that they are immune from dirt and oxidising).
I also re-screwed together the connections of the coil to the plug - I reckon this was the problem, because I had taken the plug out quite a few times and I had been pulling at the wiring quite a lot (you know what a bitch it is to get at that plug!!).

cyberzar 23 May 2008 22:34

holy words
confirm 100% what walkabout says.

CDI is a thing that cannot be checked, but there are other things to check before, the coil with its cable to spark plug, stator, and all wires. Once that everything else is checked OK you can blame CDI but this is usually NOT the broken part...

Nixa 24 May 2008 10:59

I agree the CDI definitely isn't expendable part.

Bike is in workshop now, again. :frown:
We checked all the wires, condens., pick-up...
Only thing left is CDI :)
Next week on wendsday a electrician "wiz" will come and check CDI.

This workshop is specialized in enduro/racing bikes, so I hope...

This bike really don't like me from the beginning :)

Walkabout 24 May 2008 12:00


Originally Posted by Nixa (Post 191079)
Only thing left is CDI :)
Next week on wendsday a electrician "wiz" will come and check CDI.


The only way that I know of the check the CDI is to replace it with one that is known to be working OK: in a dealer, this means that they sell you a new one of course!
If you could borrow one that is working as a check, that could save you cash!

Good luck,

Nixa 25 May 2008 10:34

There is a problem with that I don't know anyone with TTR here only a two with TT/re, and CDI-s are different.
But I'll try to ask Yamaha dealer if they could help me with this one somehow, I'm really good with them.

Dave I really like Your jokes from HU bar, keep it coming! :)

bolla2 27 May 2008 15:21

I also had a TTR with no spark
I unplugged the condensor and (round thing under the tank with black and red wires) I then connected a 12 volt battery from my Xt I then switch on the ignition and test all the lights if all this is working you know the ignition switch is ok. I then tried to bypass the cut out switch, I also added another earth wire from the rectifier to the frame and I got a spark.
My bike has the netural switch and side stand switch removed so you should check your connections here also
When checking for a spark try doing it in a dark garage also you have to kick it over hard so you get enough power to make the spark
good luck

Nixa 28 May 2008 19:42

CDI unit dead
Thank guys for replys.

Today we checked everything and only thing which doesn't work is CDI.
I e-mailed photos of the unit to IGNITECH so they can confirm if they produce replacament for TTR or not.
I will put their reply here, to spread the word; After all their costs 120 euro vs. Yamaha(Denso) 590 euro.

Once again, thanks for your replys


ukiceman 28 May 2008 19:46

hope so
good luck with IGNITECH...... hope that pans out, might pick one up


Nixa 29 May 2008 08:06

I just recived their answer. :)
They make replacement unit for TTR. :)

I just orderded one, I'll post, how the thing works when I get it.

Thanks all :thumbup1:

bolla 12 Jun 2008 11:35

Hi Nixa
Did you get your bike working?

Nixa 12 Jun 2008 18:06

CDI arrived yesterday but as the bike is in the workshop I did't tryed it yet.
Tomorrow in 8 am I have to be there and then we'll see does it work or not.
I really hope that it does :)

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