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acmcqu2 17 Nov 2005 10:15

I have a 88 xt 600 that will probably see 80% road use. any one have a recommendation on tires? thanks Albert

sTTeve 17 Nov 2005 13:50

I use Kendas K270 for 2000 kms on my TT600R, 70 pct street (incl highway)/30 pct light trails, no signs of excessive wear. Affordable (90 euro for a set). I used to have Kenda's Trackmaster, the would have been square after 1500 kms on the tarmac and are sceary on wet tarmac. They are far better in the sand and mud, though. So i use TrackMaster on my offroad set of wheels and K270's on my "street"set. I am not sure if they are in 17" sizes, though

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AnteK 19 Nov 2005 02:00

First choice, real dual-purpose tyres:
- Michelin T63
- Conti TKC 80
- Mitas E-09
More offroad oriented but useful onroad:
- Pirelli MT 21
- Metz Karoo
- Michelin Desert & Baja
More onroad but useful offroad:
-Metz Enduro 3
-Michelin Anakee
- everything else

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