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xtmito 9 Aug 2007 22:33

strange question can anyone help?
Hiya its been a while im back on to my bike projcvt hopefully i will get a bit further. I am fitting an xt600 engine into a different bike im having to fabricate new bits and move bits around.
My question is about the oil system on the xt i know it is dry sump and the tank is high, i havent really got much space highup.
would it make any difference to have the tank under the engine or will this effect he oil pickup when starting i asume the oil normaly will drain into the engine before starting. Also has anyone ever fitted an oil light/guage to there engine if so where did they take it from (my engine is in quite a few bits at the moment) thanks for your time

aukeboss 10 Aug 2007 06:21

The oil tank must be above the level of the oil pump, otherwise oil will not flow to the pump and no lubrication will happen. In fact, quite a few rebuilt engins were destroyed as they were removed from the frame, the oil line from tank to pump therefore emptied, and consequently no oil arrived at the pump at first startup - kaboem! Recommend that you install the tank approximately at the same level from the engine as in the bike you took it from.
Oil light: suppose you mean a switch to be installed that would be connected to a light. You could consider to drill & tap a hole in the oil filter housing.


xtmito 10 Aug 2007 18:33

cheers that was what i was wondering about the oil system. i will try to move other stuff like battery and electricals. my next question is about oil coolers where do they plumb into oil feed or scavange/return to tank.

aukeboss 11 Aug 2007 12:05

On all XTs the oil cooler is installed in the return / scavenge line to the oil tank. If you install it in the suction of the oil pump (from tank) you increase the resistance of the oil flowing to the pump, not good.


xtmito 11 Aug 2007 12:29

Once again thanks for your help. hope to get some time in the garage later hope everyone is making good use of the uk sunshine while we have some

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