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ulyesse 11 Sep 2008 15:03

Starting Problems!
I've recently purchased one very beautiful XT 600 (1988). When shes running it the greatest thing, the only problem is getting her going can be very labourious.... when shes warm its even harder. I'm slightly worried as if this goes on i'm going to end up walking in circles as my right leg will be so much bigger than my left! Any ideas?

cyberzar 11 Sep 2008 18:05

maybe poor spark, check the plug, coil and cable. Clean the carb, there are also some special additive for this pourpose.

And particularly check condition of rubber pipes between carb and engine, on old bikes they are often old and broken. With the engine on, try to move the carb left\right\up\down if engine changes speed, they r dead replace them.
Can find them on ebay for 35 euros, searching 4 "ansaugstutzen XT", or pay YAMAHA dealer 100 E

angustoyou 11 Sep 2008 20:05

I guess you've probably tried every combination of technique, but this works for me.

Open the throttle full, and with the ignition on, kick it twice, holding the throttle wide open. Then let go of the throttle all together, kick it again and it'll start first or 2nd time.

My theory is that the petrol in the carb evaporates very quickly. When warm mine needs choke. (But not when it's hot).

Hope my technique helps.

tomwest 13 Sep 2008 05:41

clean your carb

Is your bike is running ok once you get it started (no stuttering or surgeing)?

I do think you need to pull your carbs and clean them. Might very well be that you have some build up inside. Specially if the bike have been left standing with petrol in the carbs for a longer period at some point, if your pilotjet is clogging up your bike will be a pig to start and it will probably be quite weak on idel ( has a tendancy to cut out)

Pull carbs a apart and clean everything, when you put them back together set everything up according to the manual (chek needel position,what size jets are in there? opening of secund stage etc) then you get a good idea where to start makeing adjustments

ulyesse 16 Sep 2008 09:35

Thanks guys for all the advice, shes running and starting great!

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