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sly59 19 Jun 2006 14:53

Starting bike problem :(
Hi everyone,

I'm the happy owner of a XT660 TENERE of 1992 for some weeks.

My problem is that since some day, I can't start anymore :(. The first second pressing the start button is normal, I can heard the usual sound but right after (and before the bike is started), the sound turns to a noise similar to 'tac tac tac tac', making me thinking to a machine-gun...

the battery and the electric appears fine, the lights working properly with the usual strength.

I am a complete dummy in mechanic so I can't give you more details :(

Thanks everyone for future replies and congratulations for this wonderful forum.

skip 20 Jun 2006 03:10

A quick check of the basic`s first, are you sure the battery is ok, some will have enough power to run the lights and turn the motor a few times but then lose there power, if you can try using a battery charger with a jump start setting if you diconnect the battery and just use the leads from the starter if it starts ok try another battery.
If the battery appears ok then check the earth lead fom the battery to the starter and also the power lead from the battery to the starter solenoid. if both are ok you may need to look at the starter, you may feel better if you can get a mechanic to look at it from here on as taking the starter apart and checking the brushes can be a bit fiddley.Let us know how you get on.
Hope this helps Skip

winmac 20 Jun 2006 22:28

So you are saying the engine cranks over but when it is about to start it makes the noise. It is the starter drive (or sprag clutch) that is sliping.
I'm not familuar with the 660 so I can't tell you what is involved to fix it, they are ussually located under the clutch cover in the gear train from the starter.

Good luck

sly59 26 Jun 2006 14:26

Good news,

I got a battery optimizer to refresh mine and... the bike starts fine again !!!

In fact, It seems that the battery has a lack of power to start the motor (that is quite heavy to launch). So the 'tac tac' noise was just the starter turning without enough power to start engine.

I hope this was just the battery that was weak and not a problem with the charger ot the alternator.

Thanks for the advises !!!
See you on the road ;)

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