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Martynbiker 7 Nov 2007 21:54

sometimes GENUINE is Cheaper!!
Just ordered a new carb Diaphraghm and fuel tap and needle valve assembly from flitwick motorcycles in the Uk. for a 1987 XT600 2KF model
the carb diaphraghm was 68 quid............ ouch....yes but not as OUCH as Wemoto Home they wanted 120 quid!!!!! for a PATTERN part......
so sometimes genuine is cheaper.

andy5600 8 Nov 2007 18:30

Yes you are quite correct in finding that sometimes (but not always)the genuine parts are cheaper than alternative parts.
As i do not have a yamaha dealer near me i get all of my genuine parts mail order from honda kawasaki suzuki yamaha motorcycle parts in the Netherlands, very handy as you can do a partnumber search online, prices and delivery costs are very reasonable.
As for ebay some of the prices people are paying for old used parts is rather baffling as the same may be cheaper new.


Walkabout 8 Nov 2007 21:08

I've bought Yam bits from this guy in the past and had good service:-

MoTo-WARD Ltd Website

He is based in West Sussex, tel 01403 823222

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