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Petrol Cap 10 Oct 2006 20:33

Siezed Pivot Bolt on Rear Swing Arm Linkage
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Does anyone out there have an idea how to remove a siezed bolt on the lower linkage pivot on the rear swing arm. It is the bolt that fastens the pivot connecting rod to the frame.

Bolt no. 35 on the microfiche attached

I have tried tapping - hard.
No luck. I can undo the nut and turn the bolt - BUT not remove it.

xtmito 10 Oct 2006 20:58

the only thing i can offer is to keep trying and to keep soaking it in freeing oil and maybe a little heat if you have got a blow torch. good luck

*Touring Ted* 26 Oct 2006 10:24

If the bolt just acts as a spindle and the nut is removed, then you need to unweight the back of the bike and drive it out using a smaller bolt and a hammer. They are always tight.

Remember, when the bolt comes out, the linkage will collapse and if the bike is suporrted by the back wheel, it will fall over.

smokinrider 26 Oct 2006 19:15

is it the link which bolts to the frame?
the thought i had was that the bolt tightens in the frame which is threaded and the nut is just a lock nut, just a thought but i had the same problem with a side stand bolt before it had me stumped for a while before i realised.
if not then it sounds like the bolts siezed to the bush so its lay it down and soak it in penetrating oil (submerge it) till it frees off.
would suggest a bit of heat but as in the link youll not be heating the bit thats siezed.

Petrol Cap 29 Oct 2006 17:37

All sorted
Thank you all for your advice - I have in fact sorted it out.
I stripped off the back of the bike, swingarm etc. then with three inches of hacksaw blade in a very cramped space - sawed off both ends of the high tensile steel bolt. Terrible job - cramp in hands & complete sense of humour failure. Any way once the connecting rod was free I could easily tap out the remains of the bolt and replace the bushes.

I was very surprised at what a huge difference it made to the handling !

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