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gwel 15 Jan 2006 23:01

Setting the timing Chain
Hi there,

I've just changed the timing chain+piston ring ...600 xte 98
But now the bike won't start!engine spinning,spark ok , compression ok tank full, all the other switch ok.
Could it be the setting of the timing chain and if so any tips to make the setting easier will be very welcome.

Thanks any advance for your suggestions

aukeboss 16 Jan 2006 21:49

Could be a lot of things. Petrol indeed arrives in the carb? Etc, etc

Timing: The flywheel mark "T" should align with the noth in the crankcase. Then, the camshaft should have all cams pointing downward, there's a line on the camshaft gear wheel, which should align with the mating surface of the valve cover. The front part of the chain(seen from front of bike to back) should have no slack, the other side is where the tensioner goes in.
All these checks you do with the valve cover off and the tensioner removed.


gwel 19 Jan 2006 03:04

Hi Auke,

The chain is ok now thanks for the tips, I actually still have a leak at the cylinder head gasket,
I noticed 2 dent on the piston left by the exhaust valve, that seems now slightly bent inwards, looks like the exhaust valve is leaking to
I retorque the bolt at 4 bolts @ 29nm but still no improvment.
I don't know whether I should try a sealant in between but I'm going to take everything apart again and try to put it back together again!


aukeboss 19 Jan 2006 20:20

If, due to wrong valve timing, the valves have hit the piston and are bent, I recommend to put in two new exhaust valves.
The cil head gaskets you can reuse if the engine hasn't run after assembly.
Recommend you get some kind of instruction on paper on how o set the timing just to be absolutely sure of the timing.


billygri77 25 Apr 2006 23:15

Are You Sure The Chain Is Still Engaged With The Cranksaft?

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