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yoashman 6 Sep 2008 18:18

rear shock
Hey I have a 1990 xt600e 3tb. Has anyone had any troubles adjusting the pre-load on there rear shock. I know that you un-do the bottom nut by one turn, and then adjust the top nut, I just cant get the bloody bottom nut to budge!!!! Iv sprayed it down with wd40, tryed tapping the spanner with a hammer, the nut wont budge and I dont want to put to much strain on the shock but smacking it and yanking it. I have been thinking about replacing it with another shock anyway as I would like to try and raise the bike up a wee bit, and get a bit more travel. Anyone know of any shocks I can do this with, where I can get them, how much? Would a shock of other xt models fit my bike and give it more travel and a bit more hight? Thanks alot

cyberzar 6 Sep 2008 19:07

ohlins from a yamaha TTS is the only easy option
200\300 euro from ebay adaptable with small efforts. if you serch 4 ohlins here, you will find other topics about it


Micah 6 Sep 2008 19:15

I've been wanting to do the same to my 3TB, even with the preload maxed out it still doesn't quite seem high enough to me. Especially when it's fully loaded.

Has anyone retrofitted a shock from a different bike in? Or made a spacer for the shock mount?

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