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tiago carvalho 23 Sep 2006 15:25

probem´s with tt 600 1995
my tt 600 it´s giving me some trouble. one raining day she start´s to lose power, getting hot and small flames into the exaust system and only takes 100 km/h. so i take her to a mecanic and the guy change allmost every thing in the engine. so far so good, next morning she makes the same thing, and now when she´s cold start´s good, when she´s hot it´s a big problem, and i got the same problem about the power. may be the alternator it´s not working.
please can you help me, i love my ride.


mika 23 Sep 2006 16:04

side stand switch

check the side stand switch, I guess it is full of water and this is what your bike causes to do funny things.

just cut the cable and connect both wires. but after this the switch does not work anymore and you can ride with your sidestand down, so be careful.

good luck


tiago carvalho 23 Sep 2006 23:09

about side stand switch
hello Mika,

hey i never try that, that´s why the switch dosen´t work, i´m gonna try that and see what it looks like. one more thing, i have 2 wires from the front brake light disconected can be for that too??? i have to try first right:smartass: .

for you i have to tell, like we say in portuguese. MUITO OBRIDADO (tanks for life):thumbup1:

tiago carvalho 9 Nov 2006 18:42

for mika about side stand switch
Hello mika, i want to tank you personal, so came to portugal, visit palmela is neer by lisbon, than ask for pousada de palmela, is an hotel inside a castel is a little medieval.:biggrin3: than ask for pedro carvalho, i´m the restaurant manager, came and have a nice vacation with us, hey i think is better if you bring your bike with you. We have good looking around places to ride. accept the invite, all my friends have bikes and like them too. wait for an answer...right

once again...... THANKS A LOT:thumbup1:

mika 18 Nov 2006 13:45

hola Pedro
hola Pedro,

sorry I did not read your message until now. Obrigado, for the invitation. At the moment I dont make any travel plans, because after a long journey it is time to work for me. But I will write down your details and maybe I will come down your way one day.

suerte con la TT

Greetings from Berne / Switzerland


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