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narkotik666 15 Nov 2006 08:34

Pilot screw location????
I recently opened my air box (the plastic bit under the seat) on my 1995 XT600 .....with the mod i assume the the mix is now leaner with the extra air, i need to adjust the pilot screw, to make the mixture just a bit richer, can anyone tell where to find the pilot screw, i've read a bunch of threads discussing pilot screw adjustment, but i just don't know where to find it....got some diagrams xt600.de.......but my german is not all that.


zap2504 15 Nov 2006 13:51

On my '94 there is a brass tube on the bottom-front of the primary (left-side) carb that sticks down about 1 1/4". Inside the brass tube is the idle mixture adjustment screw. Screwing this clockwise will lean the mixture. It's best to adjust the idle mix screw when the engine is fully warmed and using either an exhaust gas analyzer or a Carbtune tool (to get the adjustment correct). If you have access to a small mirror (e.g., a dental mirror) you can see the screw adjustment in question.

narkotik666 15 Nov 2006 14:57

THanks, I'll give it a shot!

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