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Matt Cartney 9 Dec 2006 12:03

Laying up for winter
Hi folks,

I've got a 2003 XT and have stopped using it for the winter. I was just going to stick it in the garage as clean as possible but was wondering if anyone thought there was anything else I should do?
Stick a little oil in the cylinder via the plug hole perhaps, or anything like that? Should I start it up and let it idle from time to time?

Any thoughts appreciated.

Matt :)

Joe C90 9 Dec 2006 12:49

yer big wuss!

seriously tho, well worth putting a bit of oil in the plugs hole and cranking it over to oil the top end of the bores.
i am still not sure on the best approach about the carbs and fuel, I have taken to almost emptying the tank, dosing it with oil, swilling it round and draining it through the carbs. don't turn the fuel off then leave the carbs full to evaporate off, the goo will take ages to clean out next year!

smokinrider 9 Dec 2006 12:59

a tea spoon of oil down the bore will be ok then crank it over to get it spread around. manual states fill tank full and add fuel stabiliser.
i would be inclinded to just drain the carbs and empty the tank. disconnect the battery and spray everything liberally (except brakes) in light oil like duck oil or wd40.

Matt Cartney 9 Dec 2006 20:23

Thanks guys, something to do while it rains tomorrow!

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