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aukeboss 1 Jul 2005 15:33

Larger airbox 1VJ/3AJ
Someone spoke of installing a larger airbox on the 1VJ / 3 AJ to increase airflow.
I would be interested to konw how this is done as I was thinking of ding the same but trying toi figure out how run into a couple of challenges:
- Avoid hot cooling air from engine to intake
- Inlet now ideally suited to avoid ingress of dust
- Space limitations under the tank


LUCOZADE11 23 Mar 2009 17:53

1VJ problems
Hi i also have just bought a 1 vj and am new to all this! my initial thoughts on reading the bad reviews were "i have bought a :censored:bummer" but after digging deeper it appears these bikes are rectifiable.

1.The first thing i have dug up is that the top ends with Dramas (Shallow head bolts) are marked 34ko2 the modified later ones are marked 34ko3 not sure exactly were they are marked if someone could point me at numbers???
2.Airboxs just need the 2 intakes at front removed or blanked and top of filter removed or holes drilled in. But do you then need to rejet the Carb???
3.Cut or slot front mudguard to increase Airlow round engine to aid cooling, i have also seen air guides attatched to tank, to direct air to engine.
4. Always ride above 4500rpm to avoid 5th gear damage.
5.Fit larger Oil cooler Citroen 2cv?? sounds complicated. has anyone done this??
i look forward to getting home and playing about with bike am overseas in Army!
Best regards Steve

tenere_rider 4 Apr 2009 13:20

Tenere Air Box Ram Tube
I've designed and made a fiberglass ram air tube for the Tenere. Pics of this DIY and more on my facebook site http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2012114&l=968cf&id=1126907019

Best of luck, Steve

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