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mervin 13 May 2003 16:40

kick starter

Few weeks ago I bought my first
XT600 tenere (34L) everything seems
to work fine...but I've got
a question about kick starting my XT600.
Overally got no problem with kicking it,
but sometimes it takes more time (kicks)
to start the engine...
And there is my question. what can I do
to incerase engine ability to start easyly??
maybe valves or carb. seetting???

And the other thing is oil...
I'm going to change engine oil but
never do such a thing with motorbike..
how should I do it???
and how should I check the engine oil level
(on hot or cold engine)???

Will help any tips about oil
checking or changing... http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif

please help

KlausXT600 15 May 2003 18:10

starting behaviour:
you can try with an adjustment of the idle mixture adjustment screw: out-> rich mixture, in-> lean mixture.
but starting behavior depends also a little on engine temperature. something between 'cold' and 'hot' is critical (to my experience).
you are from poland, maybe you know somebody able to read german? then refer here:
oil level control:
oil change:


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Geoff van de Merwe 15 May 2003 19:29

Hi Mervin,
I hope you are enjoying your XT.
There are various threads on this site already about checking and changing oil for your XT.
Klaus answered Cabron a while back and gave a very good description(which I have been following for my oil changes), just search the thread : "oil change the correct way".

Good luck

Barry Johnson 15 May 2003 21:55

I have a magic button next to the throttle which does all the work for me, but when I used to own an SRX6 (kick-start only XT-engined roadbike) it took a couple of weeks before I got the hang of it.

When cold I used to go:
- full choke
- crack the throttle (just open)
- kick three times and say "there's no place like home" (just joking, say "start you &**%^£%£!")

Voila! When hot same procedure without the choke. However I think it comes down to the individual bike - try different things and see how they work.

Also, start your kick when the piston's at top dead centre - gently turn the engine over with the kickstart until you feel resistance (will take 3 goes maximum). Then let the lever come all the way up, lift yourself up and jump on the bugger (not too hard or you will crack it).

Here's another tip - always park in neutral, and always check it's in neutral before trying to kick. Don't ask me how I know, just think large and unsympathetic crowd at motorcycle GP...

3AJ Tenere

peterkik 16 May 2003 14:58


I have a 3AJ on which I installed the right side of a 3TB, including the kickstarter. Because a 3AJ has an electric starter the kickstarter is only for emergencies. Therefore I did not go through all the trouble of installing the automatic decompresion mechanisme.
I now kickstart by simply kick till you feel the compression, let the kickstarter come up and then just push it slowly (but heavy) trought its compression until the point you feel it goes light for a moment. Let the kickstarter come up again and then kick it hard. Ussualy it starts in 1 kick! Which actually is better then when I used the 3TB which had only kickstarter with automatic decompression.

Even with automatic decompression, finding the right moment to give the 'final'kick is crucial. Just continues kicking doesn't work!
My experience is (also done 200.000 km on a XT500) that automatic decompression is not a garantee for easy starting, only for easy kicking.
May be first try to kick like i describe above with the decompression cable disconnected to get the right feel for what happens. After that kicking with automatic decompression may get more effective too.


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