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Grub123 25 Sep 2006 09:46

how do i register my bike?
Hi All,

i now have my bike 1985 XT600 running, with some great help and advice from this forum and David Lambeth (great job on the carb).
my next issue is surrounding the registration of the bike. It originates from Italy i believe, but i have no paperwork of registration numbers at all. how do i go about registering here in the UK? has anyone else been through this process? do i need an aging certificate from Yamaha? how do i get one? what does the DVLC require? i realise that this is not a technical question, but it may save me a lot of ringing around.

all help gratefully received.

yours hopefully. :thumbup1:

bolla 25 Sep 2006 18:56

When I got my German plated XT regestired in England about 4 years ago.

Got an MOT using the chasis no. got the bike insured using the chasis no, only allowed 30 days insurance on chasis no.
Went to local vehicle registration office filled in a form and paid for road tax whice I was given stright away received log book about 2 weeks later.

I had the German registration papers for the bike which were needed.

The law has changed abit since if the vehicle is newer then 10 years old and not offically avaible in this country you will need a single vehicle approval certificate (alot harder then an MOT)
Might still be able to say it is an enduro bike and wont need single vehicle approval.
You might also have to bring the bike to vehicle licance office so they can check chasis and engine no.

I think you will need the oringal papers for the bike

Good luck

Grub123 26 Sep 2006 08:50

Thanks bolla,

i shall give the DVLA site a try and see what they suggest with not having the original papers (nor any chance of getting them). perhaps i will have to go down the "Q" plate route? seems a shame if i cannot register the bike, it's perfectly road worthy. i will need an MOT whatever route i take i guess, so i may as well start with that.


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