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Falk65 15 Jul 2007 15:45

High Beam
I have some strange problem on my TTR600E 2005 when i am crusing over 60km/h and shift gear up then the signal in dashboard for high beam lights up and when i release the clutch it shuts down but not the headlight just this dasboard light.Netural light works normal and this only happening when i shift up not down and if i drive slow it does not happend.Ewerything looks normal and engine runs fine but this has started just yesterday both on Apshalt road and gravel road.Anyone here wich have or have been in same kind of problem because my eyes always starts to focus on dashboard when this is going on but i want to focus on what is in the front of my bike not the dashboard

Walkabout 15 Jul 2007 17:55

Could be something simple along the lines of a shorting wire, perhaps within the headlight cowling? I suggest it is worth checking over the wiring loom for bad connections, chafed wires etc.

Falk65 18 Jul 2007 03:42

Ha Ha Ha
:mchappy: That was so simple problem i am wondering to go to doctor to look at my head hehe.The problem was the clutch handle i have fallen on the bike few days ago and than clutch handle mouve a litle bit up and when i pull to change gear it press to the fast switch for highbeam and the beam in dasboard lights up ha ha ha i was so tyerd so i did not regonised that then but it is ok now.

Walkabout 18 Jul 2007 17:02

Well glad that is sorted out!
It is always worth thinking back on the lines of "what has changed to cause this problem?" when a problem appears.

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