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gray 24 Mar 2003 17:34

Help!!! XT600 Engine Keeps Dying...
Hi There

Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

I had my 1987 XT600 2KF00900 service the other day in Togo and it is now completely fouled up.

The engine is cutting out as soon as it heats up. It kick starts again fine but as soon as the side stand is lifted the engine cuts again. It is an intermittent fault as occasionally the stand can be raised but then it cuts out again a few hundred metres down the road. The bike will not kick start if the side stand is raised.

The engine idles fine when it is cool but idles at about 2500 RPM when hot.

I am really stumped so any ideas would be much appreciated.


KlausXT600 24 Mar 2003 19:04

did you try to short-circuit the sidestand switch?
just disconnect the plup above airbox and reconnect the two engine-side cables.
if this is not the reason, try to find a damaged cable isolation.
look also to the black/white cable from cdi to main switch.


gray 25 Mar 2003 00:36

Cheers Klaus

I will try the side stand switch 1st thing tomorrow and let u know how I get on.

Any idea about the high idle speed when the engine is hot?

Thanks again

KlausXT600 25 Mar 2003 02:07

maybe broken intake manifolds.
check these rubber parts between carb / cylinder head.
you said you had the bike serviced.
what does this mean exactly?
what has been done?


gray 25 Mar 2003 21:34


Thanks for your advice. The bike has been fixed. It was a dodgy electrical connection near the CDI. Seems to be running ok now. If it starts idling too high again I will definitely check the manifolds.

Thanks again

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