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Diamaduk 23 Jul 2008 20:31

Hello and Scottoiler tip.
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Hi, Im new to the group although I have been Lurking for a while. I have recently bought an xt 600 2003, and have read through many of the previous topics with interest. My biggest bugbear with the bike is the rusty downpipes, I m interested in replacing the whole system with stainless although I dont like the look of the price.
I have fitted a Scottoiler which apparently increases the life of the chain and a few colleagues have been raving about them. On fitting I must admit that I was quite impressed with the concept of only oiling the chain when the bikes in motion. The final delivery pipe was a big dissapointment, I found it difficult to position it precisely over the links, it seemed to have a mind of its own. After much headscratching, I decided to make the final delivery pipe from a spare length of copper brake line attached to the lower chaingaurd with a couple of homemade copper P-clips. If anyone else is having problems with final delivery give the brake line a try.

Jimmy B

dickturpin 23 Jul 2008 22:14

I have a Hornet with a Scotoiler and I agree that the system is excellent for keeping the chain lubed up.
Be careful if you change the downpipes. I have a 2002 xt600 and the exhaust started blowing so I set about replacing with the stainless Motad header pipes. The problem is the 6mm studs that hold the pipes to the block. They are famous for causing problems by snapping on removal. 2 of my 4 sheared. One of the snapped off studs had to be drilled out and I ended up having to re-tap the thread to 8mm which is not unusual. A full weekend later I had the new pipes on!...Lots of swearing along the way. I hope the stainless will now outlast the bike but I will free them off now and then to be safe. The other problem was that the shoulders on the pipes remained pressed into the engine and limited access made subsequent removal difficult.
Best of luck...

Cslugtrail 17 Aug 2008 20:30

Scottoiler delivery option
Hi,I'm also new to the site which is a real goldmine of info.
I fitted a Scottoiler Slipper block which was new out this year I think, it fits around the chain keeps it clean and lubed and works really well.
You might have to watch out it does'nt get dislodged if off road in the really
rough stuff though.
Oh Sun whereart thou!

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