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awolxt 27 Feb 2012 15:30

Headers to silencer joint
Hi all !

Anyone recommend a sealant suitable to use between the joint where the headers join to the silencer ? There is only about a 1mm gap when they`re slid together, but when tightened still leaks. Ive tried exhaust putty but it blows out eventually and I was hoping to use a fibre type cloth (for exhausts) but its too thick to go between the two pipes. Only thing I can think of now is making something out of a beer can, which can fill up the gap ? Bill....

Jimmie 27 Feb 2012 15:45

High temp silicone.

awolxt 27 Feb 2012 17:08

Hi and thanks for the quick reply !

Have you had success with a particular brand or type ? Save me doing anymore experimenting. Not even sure what sort of temperatures the exhaust gets up to at that joint. Bill

Jens Eskildsen 27 Feb 2012 18:40

I believe theres supposed to be a special gasket there. A yammie dealer should be able to get it. I use www.kedo.com all the time. See partno 91134.

Linky: http://kedo.com/ssl/php/function/Sho...eite%2F192.pdf

zigzag 27 Feb 2012 22:50

hi there get the copper gasket/sealing ring, not much money from your yamaha dealer. i think its too big a gap to seal with exhaust paste/sealer . zigzag

JonStobbs 28 Feb 2012 08:33

Hi temp silicone available from anywhere that stocks stuff like woodstoves,etc...You might be able to get it from a motorfactors too. Even standard silicone sealant will work for a while,it's surprising just how much heat it will tolerate.

awolxt 28 Feb 2012 14:39

Hi Jens, I can`t use the original gasket, because its a motad replacement downpipe and that gasket wont fit between the two.

Hi Zigzag, Its not that joint at the downpipes/cylinder head i`m trying to seal-its the other end of the downpipes (to silencer)

Jonstobbs, I think i`ll will use the high temp stuff, getting tired of taking of taking off zorst and experimenting. Good advice on where to buy-- never would of thought of a place that sells woodstoves etc !

Thanks all !


Jens Eskildsen 28 Feb 2012 15:51

Roger, tell us how it works out

Jimmie 28 Feb 2012 20:06

I've used it for ages, as it is superb in handling vibration and always keeping the seal tight. Exhaust paste is useless on a bike, especially a single.

zigzag 28 Feb 2012 23:20

hi awolxt sorry bad explanation on my part where the downpipes fit into the silancer there is a big copper sealing ring it slides over the downpipe end then the silancer slides over the outside of the sealing ring and the whole lot clamps together. on my 1985 xt600 43f i have motad dowepipes and a standard silancer and the origanal copper sealing ring fits just fine, motad downpipe are the same size where the silancer meets them . hope this helps zigzag.

TheBaldReverend 29 Feb 2012 15:56

YAMAHA FJ FZ FZX VMX GASKET EXHAUST 36Y-14755-01 COPPER | eBay This looks like the right part.

Would this fit between Motad headers and an Arrow can? I suppose there's only one way to find out.

EDIT : Scrap that the part number is slightly wrong, it should be 3yf-14755-00

Jens Eskildsen 29 Feb 2012 17:35

I ebayed youre latest partno and came up with this:


TheBaldReverend 29 Feb 2012 17:54

Wemoto do one but it's graphite not copper

Yamaha XT 600 E 99-03 Seal - Downpipe to Silencer (Graphite) Parts at Wemoto - The UK's No.1 On-Line Motorcycle Parts Retailer

awolxt 2 Mar 2012 09:53

Hi all !

Tried some loctite 8920 that I had knocking around in the shed and it seems successful.......so far at least and it hasnt burst into flames !!! Thanks everyone for all the helpful suggestions. I will of course report back on the long term outcome.

Ps I did buy that graphite gasket from wemoto when I got the Motad downpies, but it didnt fit because the Motad ones (the only ones wemoto sell for my bike !)dont reduce in diameter to allow fitment of that gasket. If that makes sense?


bacardi23 2 Mar 2012 19:16

Two words... TIG Weld

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