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dougM 17 Oct 2005 09:05

grease nipple alignment
Howdy fellow bikers.I regreased the bearings in my suspension on the weekend TT600R 01 model. COuple of questions.
Regarding the grease nipples on the top of the swingarm - how should these be orientated. should they point forward or back?. What do you do here Klause ? Also how tight do the grease nipples need to be ie what torque setting. worried that if they aren't tight enough could rattle out. Perhaps could you some thread tape to overcome this?. Thanks in advance for any responses.


Laromonster 18 Oct 2005 01:01

i left mine pointing straight back, they are somewhat loose, but i dont think they will rattle out ( they havent disappeared being loose for more than 12k kilometers )

Laromo '04 TT600RE

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