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guzzibob 4 Dec 2011 14:50

Going Rate for a set of Tesch Panniers?
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Hi guys, a mate of mine bought a 3AJ a year or 2 ago with a set of massive Tesch panniers fitted - the previous owner had set it up to tour E Europe, and I guess needed the security. He took them off before our Morocco trip, for which they would have been overkill so they have have been gathering dust in the back of the workshop. They have a really strong frame and are in very good condition (not bashed/battered). Each pannier is about 48L. One has a removable lid with legs, so doubles as a small table; the other has a hinged lid and contains a really trick custom-built10ltr aluminium fuel/water container. Each pannier is lockable (with a full set of keys, plus spares) and each lid has four strap-down points on the top. They bolt to the pannier frame which has a rack-space on the lhs for a 5ltr fuel can. The panniers are pretty much as per this link (http://www.berndtesch.de/English/Boxes.html) except that the lid/table is slightly different.
Rather than face the aggro of the fleabay thing, he's asked me to advertise them on here, but I have no idea of their worth: the new price is scary - probably something like 800 Euro including the rack - particularly if you're fitting them to a scruffy old Ten like mine that only cost that much in the first place!!
So what's a fair price?:confused1:

chris 4 Dec 2011 15:37

Hi Bob
Just sent you a pm.


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