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wrussell 23 Jun 2010 23:19

Hi everyone i have stripped my gearbox down to find that fifth gear cogs are damaged one has a couple of teeth missing and the other the teeth are very pitted/worn any ideas where to buy these parts from or do they only come from yamaha? i have looked on ebay and nothing on there at the mo any ideas would be greatly appreciated i would like to do it a s a p because summer is here and i am without my tenere to ride !! :(

bobthebiker 24 Jun 2010 00:12

Bikebandit.com may well be able to help, but I dont know if they ship to the UK, and you'd best be ready to call a medic when you see what individual gears cost new.

kenymact 24 Jun 2010 00:15

I looked at buying them from that dutch company cnsl or something but they were asking ridiculous amounts with postage and ended up getting everything from yamaha and was pleasantly surprised at how cheap everything was including a new cam chain,may as well change it while your in there .
The only shock were the piston rings which were about 70 quid ,but I know now and would buy them from e bay next time.
I bought an after market gasket kit off e bay and the quality are not as good as the original yam stuff and it came with about 20 rubber rings which fitted nothing.
Once again I would have just ordered the gasket and seals from my dealer to save any quality issues.....good luck too..:scooter:

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