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XTZ66097 17 Sep 2006 10:42

Fellow London and Kent XTZ Tenere Owners
Hello To All,

Ive been reading information on the site for a few months now and am very impressed. This is my first posting and I am looking to link up with fellow XT riders based in London S.E. swapping inforrmation, tips, adventures etc

As you may have guessed, I have a XTZ 660 97 Tenere and looking for others that own and ride the same or similar model. I seem to be the only one who has one of these bikes and not seen anyone else with one on the road.

I've no major trips planned at the moment, thought it would be better to network with others and learn as much as i can about the bike.

Would also appreciate feedback if this is already taking place elsewhere

Hopefully i will speak to you all soon

rogpreston 12 Oct 2006 16:54

Hi I've just bought one of these but live in crete . just in the uk now for a few days buying voltage regs as they seem to be the most common mentioned problem I've got the tenere model with the biggish tank and the vaccuum fuel pump was also leaking a nacked rubber membrain in the unit which I semi repaired with rubber glue to keep me going until a new one was sourced. If you are travelling greece ,crete and want a stop over text me on +30 6947 784 935 cheers rog preston.

patandbin 15 Oct 2006 11:49

Bike storage in Crete
Hi Rog or anyone else in Crete,

Are you still in Crete? We are in Crete now and are looking for safe storage for our Super Tenere and gear for 16 months, two winters, one summer, while we go home to earn more money to continue our RTW trip.

We are looking for a space in someones garage and are willing to pay for it.
If you know of anyone please let us know or if you are still here it would be great to catch up with you or any other Horizons bikers in Crete
Our Greek number till 7 Nov is 697 416 3848
or by email.

Cheers, Patrick and Belinda Peck

XTZ66097 17 Oct 2006 00:03

XTZ Tenere Owners
Hello Rog,

Thanks very much for the kind offer, i've got to say that it has sparked an idea that maybe I should plan a ride visiting as many XTZ Tenere owners as possible in as many different countries.

If you get a chance post a photo of your bike, i've just ordered some crash bars for mine...hopefully i'll never have to rely on them..

AnteK 21 Oct 2006 09:09


Originally Posted by XTZ66097
Hello Rog,

Thanks very much for the kind offer, i've got to say that it has sparked an idea that maybe I should plan a ride visiting as many XTZ Tenere owners as possible in as many different countries.

Be my guest in Croatia !
AnteK, XTZ 660 Tenere

futronix 30 Oct 2006 18:38

lets see some photos
hi guys phil from sydney,

i would love to see some photos of other peoples xtz660. i love my ride, although have not ridden it now for almost 6 months.

i was taken out by a large truck while riding, i was ok but bike not so lucky.
it has taken me a LONG time to put her back together but it will be worth the wait. i have spared no expense putting my old "sooty" back to one piece.

cant wait to show fellow xtz appreciators the labor of my love, i think another two weeks will see the job finished. my wife and i ride this bike from london to india in 2004....so we are very attached.....

XTZ66097 4 Nov 2006 06:20

London Meeting
Hi All,

Antek, thanks for the invitation thats Croatia and Crete now, the list of places to visit seems to be growing, no alliteration intended.

Phil, sorry to hear of your accident and more importantly glad that your unhurt as a result of it. Looking forward to seeing photo's of old 'sooty', i'll have to arrange for some of mine.

I have just come across a proposed London meeting on the 30 Nov 06 posted by Maria under , HU Travellers meeting- UK', anyone interested should post their interest there, it would be a good opportunity to meet XTZ owners or not..

Lastly, I had a message left on my phone by M&P informing that they have discontinued crash bars for my model of bike??

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