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gwel 13 Oct 2012 15:18

Exhaust Stud thread Repair
My xt 6 exhaust stud thread got damaged as I removed the stud, but was ruined by a "mechanic" who went to almost drill sideways attempting to fix it!!!!:censored:.

I'm not skilled for welding a stud. Instead I consider fill it up with a aluminium filler to be the drilled and then repair with the thread repair kit.

Need advice on whether there is a filler that will withstand the temperature and vibration and can be drilled?

2499 13 Oct 2012 18:08

Chemical metal do not last , it gets soft with the high temperature at the exhaust. Take the head off, and have it repaired proberly. A good machinist kan mill out the hole and fit a threaded insert insted.


Mezo 13 Oct 2012 23:19

Head off & take it to a professional & get it drilled & tapped to 8mm & use 8mm studs rather than the spaghetti 6mm ones that normally snap off anyhow.


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