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Motu 20 Apr 2006 03:30

Engine gasket sets
I have to buy all gaskets individualy here in New Zealand,it proved difficult to find someone overseas to ship here...I found a company in the US,but it's been a couple of months and no gaskets have arrived.I think I've been ripped off.

Who is a reliable source of XT600E gaskets that will ship to NZ?

aukeboss 20 Apr 2006 10:39

Buy original
I have been 'testing' after market gaskets, sets also. In my experience their quality is far worse than the original ones you buy from Yamaha. Especially head and cilinder foor gaskets, and the valve stem seals. They just start leaking after a 5000 km.
What I do nowadays is buy those last items from Yamaha as well as the not-so-expensive-but-difficult-to-make- yourself gaskets as the clutch cover and alternator cover.
The prices for O-rings from Yamaha are outrageous. Just take the old one and go to a good car part shop, and buy ten for half the price that Yamaha charges you for one. Same for shaft seals, except for the one on the outgoing shaft from gearbox, should be original Yam also, if you look at it it has a special lip to keep the oil in.


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