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davidlomax 13 May 2002 05:10

Electrical Overhaul
I have recently begun a complete overhaul of my '86 VJ1. So far the advice gained from this site has seen me with cooling mods, new front springs and rear shock. My next question is re electrics.

Prior to the rebuild I was having real electrical problems, mainly in the wet. The bike would stop and start at will and became a real unknown quantity in the wet. As well as this I had random headlight and indicator problems.

Obviously I know that this shouldn't happen!! Does anyone have an advice on an electrical overhaul for use in particularly wet countries?

If possible I don't want to buy a new wiring loom.

Thanks in advance for the help guys,

See any of you 12th - 14th July at the UK meet?

Dave Lomax

KlausXT600 15 May 2002 13:44

check/clean every cable connector, especially those related to ignition. treat the connectors with battery grease to prevent oxidation. don't forget the battery connectors.
check the cables for damaged isolation.
if you have trouble in wet circumstances, maybe there is a 'leak' somewhere.


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