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bacardi23 25 Feb 2012 04:30

Electrical Bypasses on the XT600E
Hey guys!

Which electrical bypasses can one make on the XT600E and how to make the bypass ?

The only one coming to my mind right now is the sidestand....

Vando beer

Jens Eskildsen 25 Feb 2012 17:30

Theres 2 wires going down to the sidestand. Follow the sidestandswitch up to the first connector. Take the connecter apart, and join the 2 wires coming from the top. You're sidestandswitch is now disabled. Its pretty simple.

You can bypass the clutch switch aswell, which enables you to start the bike in gear, without pulling the clutch.... But dont know how good that would be =)

BlackDogZulu 11 Mar 2012 06:28

First mod I make to any bike is to disable the clutch switch! I hate having to put the helmet/gloves/shopping down just so I have two hands to start the bike. I have never accidentally started the bike in gear, and I can't imagine it would be a disaster if I did.

My wiring was pretty messed up when I got the bike. The PO had removed the sidestand switch, but the wiring was tatty. I traced it back to the igniter unit and earthed it directly there. No problems since then. I think it was a black/white wire, but you need to check the wiring diagram yourself.

bacardi23 16 Mar 2012 19:17

Hey guys!

I was in the garage trying to sort out the mess in my wiring loom and then it just hit me...

I was trying to completely remove the sidestand switch and it's cables altogether. Then I thought the bike just couldn't possibly start...(not bypassing, really cutting of the cables).

BUT then I thought "What-if I short the clutch switch cables together?"

I mean, if you try to turn on the bike with the sidestand down and with the clutch pulled in the bike will start!

So in theory: Sidestand down + clutch pulled in = clutch switch is the bypass for the sidestand switch... quod erat demonstrandum Logically!

So question is: Can I do this? cut off the sidestand switch cables, remove the side stand and just short the clutch switch? And Which, If any, problems could come up with this change?

Vando beer

bacardi23 16 Mar 2012 19:20

http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hub.../Animal045.jpg BlackDogZulu: How did you actually do it on your bike?

BlackDogZulu 16 Mar 2012 21:23


Originally Posted by bacardi23 (Post 371650)
http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hub.../Animal045.jpg BlackDogZulu: How did you actually do it on your bike?

It's a while since I did it, and to answer properly I will have to take the seat off and have a look. But roughly speaking:

The sidestand switch is fed by two wires, I think black/white and black. The b/w goes to one of the terminals on the igniter box, the black is to chassis earth. The simplest way is just to short the two together. I tried this, but on my bike there was obviously a poor earth connection on the black wire, so I did the easy thing and simply took the b/w wire to earth directly from a point near the igniter, under the seat, and cut out all the rest of the circuit. The s/s switch had been removed by the PO and he had joined the wires somewhere, but I was getting a mystery misfire and grounding the + wire cured it.

If the weather's fine I will have a look tomorrow and maybe take some photos. Don't rely on anything above, though, as it's a couple of years since I did this and my memory is not getting better with the years!

bacardi23 16 Mar 2012 23:15

Hopefully good weather everywhere but only if it isn't too much trouble! ;)

Yup, the wires are black/white and black... From looking at the wiring diagram, it seems that grounding the black/white can be made because when the sidestand if bypassed it just connects the black/white with the black(which is ground)....

I was in doubt because that b/w cable also goes from the TCI to the Diode which by itself connects to the SkyBlue...


http://img843.imageshack.us/img843/1...fik3tbedit.jpghttp://img843.imageshack.us/img843/1...fik3tbedit.jpg Uploaded with ImageShack.us

bacardi23 17 Mar 2012 04:29

Well... Tomorrow I'm gonna try the bike and see what happens..

The very long b/w cable that has 3 or 4 extensions I toke it all out.
Made a small Y-connection and crimped the 6.3mm female spade connectors (with latch).

|Relay|--B/Y--|TCI|-- B/W--|Diode|
One side goes from the relay to the TCI.
On the TCI connector I crimped the B/Y with a piece of B/W cable together with another female Spade (to attach to the TCI) and the b/w end connecting to the Diode with a bullet connector..

Now, No sidestand switch and no Clutch Switch, Hurray!

However, I now have a spare earth connection from the Black cable of the Sidestand switch... Shoud I trim it off or can I Ground it to the frame? or anything else?

Vando beer

TheBaldReverend 17 Mar 2012 10:06

I've bypassed the side stand switch on my XT. I'll try and get a photo soon (as soon as the bloody rain stops).

bacardi23 17 Mar 2012 13:13

Hey there! Sure! ;)

Oh, and I found a live wire coming from the AC Magneto! It was the Green/white.. the cable was showing the copper and it was black!
Replaced it with a "new" cable (B/Y from the clutch switch bypass) and spade terminals...

Will try to turn the bike on today! hopefully! :P
Vando beer

BlackDogZulu 21 Mar 2012 10:36

Hi Vando

Sorry I didn't get back to you. Real Life (TM) got in the way. It sounds as if you have sorted it out. I looked on my bike and I can't honestly remember how I did it. The black and b/w wires were twisted together (badly) but separating them made no difference, so I must have grounded the b/w somewhere. I have traced the wire from the igniter and it disappeared under the loom by the diode, so I have grounded it somewhere but I can't remember where.

One day, I will get this bike sorted out. One day ...

turboguzzi 26 Mar 2012 12:25

did total bypass for my track only supermoto XT600E , while still maintaining the elec start.

remember that besides bypassing the safety lock for the electric start solenoid (side stand, neutral & clutch switches) , like some said, the B/W wire from the ign box needs to be grounded too. otherwise the box shoots one spark and then blocks, which is really confusing....

bacardi23 8 May 2012 01:58

Hey guys!

Well, the bypasses are working good!
Thank you all for your help!

I ended up connecting the B/W from the TCI to the B/Y from the Relay thus making a clutch switch bypass AND also connected the TCI B/W to the B that goes to the diode!

I'll show you guys a picture so you can see why I connected them this way!

I've just found the cause for the bike not starting...

There is a Starter circuit relay (on a stock XT it should be on the side of the battery "box" and it's hold on there by a rubber strap) is dead.

Previously, I pressed the e-start button an
d nothing happened!
Now I replaced it with one from a 1983 XJ750K and the bike now wants to start.

I didn't turn on the bike yet because I don't have the fuel tank mounted on her and I'm too tired to do it tonight...

Just for the peace of mind:

Can anyone please test their starter circuit relay and post the results on here please?

Just pull the plug off and and with the relay pins pointing at you and the locking tab on top test the continuity between all 4 relay connector pins (two at a time) and tell me which ones have voltage drop and which have continuity?

That's the only way I can know if the relay I now have is FULLY compatible with the stock one... :rolleyes2:

I'd really really really appreciate it!


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