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fward 18 Sep 2007 04:18

cdi compatibility
hi all
I am looking at the grave prospect of trying to locate a cdi for my 89 tenere here in Quito - tomorrow lunchtime will confirm all. As locating a new one here will be impossible I was wondering if anybody knew if a cdi from a similar single cylinder yamaha would work? Or is this cdi just for this bike, this year?
There is a 93 tenere (660) here in a garage - could I steal this cdi?

Also - A mechanic here has an xt600 for breaking but only has the source coil left (no pickup - no cdi). Are all xt600 source coils compatible or is there a set few years which will work with my bike ? ( I am only getting 118 ohms reading from my source coil - I`ve had it rewound 6 times in the last 2 months - think I might retire the old girl!)

As ever all help greatly appreciated -

or else i gotta go home ....:(

thanks all


aukeboss 18 Sep 2007 04:47

660 CDI is a TCI and will not work with your ignition system.

Stator / source coil:
the Tenere's till '86 all had the same ignition, so stator and CDI are exchangable
'86 - this year had their own type, but if it looks the same as on your (is it 3AJ?) then it will be OK
'87 till '89 / '90 - the 3AJ's - all the same


fward 18 Sep 2007 05:01

cheers Auke
yep mine is a 3AJ -
if this xt600 (non tenere) thats for breaking is say a year ยด95 model - do I have compatibility problems ?

Also on the cdi issue - is there any other options ? Any other single cylinder yamaha 600/500cc bikes that I might be able to salvage a cdi from a bike for breaking here?

thanks loads


tufty 18 Sep 2007 11:31

To get you rolling, at a pinch, you might be able to use a CDI from, for example, a honda C50/70/90. There will be no advance, and you'll only be able to use one pulser coil (the one 12 degree one, green-white/green connection, otherwise kicking the bike will likely throw you over the handlebars) and you'll probably only be good up to about 3000rpm. If you do this, your top speed will be severely limited (80kph/50mph or so) and your motor will get hot at higher revs). It's not a perfect solution, indeed far from perfect, but it could dig you out of a nasty hole at a pinch.

Otherwise, you can use any Yamaha CDI (with a bit of fudging of connections) from the following models : 34L, 55W, 43F, 3AJ, 1VJ, 3UW, 59X, 3SW, 36A, 5Y1, 5Y3, 2KF, 2NF and kickstart models of 3TB. Curves will differ, especially for the 5Y3 CDI (XT550 model)

If you can't source an original CDI, and you're relatively handy with a soldering iron, try CDI pour XT600-XT550. Cheaper than buying one from Yamaha, but you'll need to find someone with a PIC programmer (local robotics clubs, etc, you might be able to bung someone a bit of cash to make one up for you even)


fward 22 Sep 2007 14:34

cheers for the info Simon , as it turned out the previous mechanic had rewound one of the pulser coils wrong which was causing all the problems. I dont know how many times Ive been told that its the cdi thats the problem only for the mechanic or electrician to finally find the fault in the coils.
So ecstatic me started the bike, got the valves adjusted next day and then ......

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