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Oz 11 Sep 2005 03:53

Calling all ttr600 owners
I have recently travelled the americas on a honda dommie and for my next trip am thinking of a kickstart ttr600. looks a great bike, better than the dommie off road but what about its on road performance. what sort of speed will a ttr600 cruise happily at on the road. not that i want to travel at top speed but does anyone know what it is for this bike. what else is liable to be a pain with it. i know about 5th gear being prone to wearing out, its tall and the seat will need sorting out. i would very much appreciate all and any thoughts you would like to share with me.

Laromonster 14 Sep 2005 03:45

Mine cruises happily at 120-130 kmh with stock gearing.
I know people on this board has toured long distances (even two up) on paved roads. Personally i wouldnt do it with the older TTR without a cush drive, the gear box will hate you for it..

Laromo '04 TT600RE

mbishop 15 Sep 2005 00:37

Hi Oz,

I ran a Dommie for about 4 years (the original kickstart + electric starter) and now have a late 'offridized' XT600E (18" rear wheel, road bits stripped down etc).

I green lane and do trials competitions on the XT, and it's much better off-road than the Dommie was - with a Pirelli Trials tyre it goes almost anywhere!

The Dommie however was a much better machine for paved roads, more power, responsive and more roady suspension.

So I'd say your choice is probably dependent on how much off-road you're doing. The cush drives by the way get completely knackered if put to regular serious use in the mud - I know, one of my wheels is shot after 2 years of use...

Hope that helps.

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