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mbishop 7 Jul 2003 20:26

Buckled Rear Wheel
My 4PT (original yammie/DID steel 17") rear wheel took a big offroad hit recently & whilst it's not too far out of tolerance in terms of overall runout (measured by the tyre sidewall and compared to the rim edges) (2-3mm), one side has a 5cm section, flatted and running out a further 2mm. I've ensured that all the spokes are acceptably tight (interestingly the 5 that were loose were distributed on both sides all the way round the rim). It's not noticeably 'wobbly' when riding.

Sound ok to the experienced? or should I get another rim built up.

FredXTZ 7 Jul 2003 22:01

I found a dent in my front rim yesterday, and when looking abt. 10 cm. further, I discovered that the rim's weld had burst open. So I'm in the market for a front wheel. Be careful with rims because you don't want them to break when you're riding!

Fred, XTZ660, Holland.

GeoffE 8 Jul 2003 04:56

Bish & Fred,

You both may want to club together and take a look on the German Ebay site - search on XT600 - there are 2 sets of wheels rims on auction.

Good luck,



aukeboss 8 Jul 2003 20:10

That's bad news Fred, it's Moroccan, your dent?
Still, a buckled rim does not necessarily break. I have experiences with severely dented rims that hold out as if new. Of course, checking spokes every now and then is a good precaution. If indeed the weld splits, you ar ein big trouble but in IMHO this is exceptional.

So, no need to worry.


mbishop 10 Jul 2003 03:45

Auke: Thanks regards the advice - the flat hasn't affected the rim weld so I'll persevere with it for now, might as well completely knacker it before shelling out on a replacement.

Geoff: Thanks re the Ebay lead, obviously worth checking out when the wheel needs sorting.

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