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bigbrummer 14 Sep 2005 01:34

bloody annoying rattle
My bike (1VJ) has a bloody annoying rattle/scraping noise. It comes at about 60kph, is not specific to any gear, and is intermitent, so I'm pretty sure its not internal. Its also on accelleration and rundown. I wear ear plugs, and can hear it with them in. However, if I take them out, I can't hear it over the engine noise. It sort of sounds like a sheet of aluminium foil being shaken about. I've checked the chain to see if its dragging anywhere, and it doesn't asppear to be that. Nothing is obviously loose, and I've just taken the exhaust off and cleaned out any loose matter. Its driving me mad!!!
Any suggestions or ideas gratefully received.

bigbrummer 5 Oct 2005 00:25

On the subject of annoying noises, I've finally remedied mine. After checking everything else, I replaced the cush drive rubbers, and Bingo. Silence. Relatively speaking.

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