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geoffshing 9 Apr 2011 12:11

Bearing puller
Hey Folks,

I'm getting too much free play in the rear wheel on my 2008 Tenere, after I replaced the sprockets. I think I bashed in the rear spindle to align a bit too hard and damaged the bearings.
Not a problem as I've ordered a new set and cush drives. However, will I need a bearing puller to get out the bearings or are they able to be pushed out from the opposite side? Has anyone done this yet? I looked online for a bearing puller and they're £40 (ish)+P&P which seems a lot for a single job.

Any ideas..? Anyone in Scotland (Edinburgh-ish) got one I could borrow for a few beers in return?


djorob 9 Apr 2011 12:54

Bearing in mind
You should be aple to tap them out from the other side with a suitable drift ect.
Be careful not to cross load the new bearings when you pop them in (only push/tap them in by applying force to the outer race), you can use the old bearing to help with this.
Popping them in the fridge overnight before assembly may help a little when putting them in.
Have fun. Dave.

Jens Eskildsen 9 Apr 2011 16:07

You cant really use a puller, as theres is no egde/neck the puller can grab. Use a metal rod or simular, and hit it with a hammer, goring round the egde of the bearing.. And yes, hit it from the other side.

Instal of new bearing is also done the way Djorob says.

geoffshing 9 Apr 2011 16:58

Figures...... after having a look at it, there is space to get a screwdriver or similar in to tap it out from the back.
I'll give it a go and see how they come.
I've got a bunch of stuff I'm also replacing and will do the lot in one go such as the swing arm bearings, cush drives, 2010 oil breather box, hyperpro springs, tail tidy, engine bolt set, clutch plates and springs, chain tensioner, etc, etc.... busy busy

Thanks guys. :thumbup1:

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