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claymaytion 4 Apr 2007 13:55

Any Ideas why my xt pops- wont start?
HI guys, thought i would ask you guys a question. I'm leaving for the navy and I need to sell my 87 xt600 soon. This winter I had a guy rebuild the top end, new gaskets and seals, decompression cable and gas lines put on also. I got it back, I was riding it for awhile and it ran just fine. A little later i tried to start it back up, (it was still hot) and it made a big popping noise like a paintball gun shot out of the exhaust. Now the bike doesnt fire over and it is very hard to attempt to kick over. Any ideas what this problem could be? Thanks !!!

*Touring Ted* 4 Apr 2007 16:30

If is is very hard to kick over then something is broken or jamming...

Please give more detail on this...

take the generator cover off and see if you can turn the engine by hand by using the alternator nut.

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