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bigbrummer 1 Aug 2005 00:59

Well, I'd had the new bike two days, when the local chavs tried to steal it. They somehow managed to break the steering lock, and bend the renthals, whilst parked on thick gravel under my bedroom window, and not wake me. Fortunately the ground anchor and chain proved too much for them. It now has another anchor and chain as well but I think I may fit an alarm. Any reccommendations that I can fit myself, and won't break the bank?

Barry Johnson 3 Aug 2005 20:56

Hi - I fitted a Sol-alarm to my Tenere a couple of years ago with no problems. It was about £100 - this is the average price for a Thatcham approved alarm.

However, when I'd fitted it I found the auto-immobiliser (immobilised 30 seconds after turning the ignition off) to be a pain. If you don't need it for insurance purposes then I'd go for one without this feature.

You just want somethign that makes a racket when the little hoods try to nick it?

IMHO alarms are no good if you're travelling, not because they drain the battery, but because the local kids usually have a laugh setting it off again and again - making you stand out even more.

3AJ Tenere

braindead 3 Aug 2005 22:06

This little thing works a treat and is idea as it will scare the Sh!t out of the theiving little buggers. It is a 12 guage mine that fires a blank into the ground and is activated by a trip wire. It will definately wake you up and send them running. locate it with care as not to send stones flying around. It could be used with a real livce cartridge but I dont recommend it as it could get blood splattered on you bike. http://megaspy.net/product_info.php/...ducts_id/102ly

or 40% cheaper here: http://www.outdoorsman.co.uk/index2....rget=d126.html

Works well firing into a tub of paint etc as well. Use your inagination.

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tmotten 15 Jan 2006 07:22

I've used the Gorilla alarm from Aerostich and it worked like a charm.


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