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helibob 19 Jan 2005 22:32

4pt into 3aj questions
after months of reading this forum, i have bought a worn out 3aj (complete with touratechs, spares, extra tanks etc). then i managed to get a stolen recovered 4pt with 5000miles at a very reasonable price.
now my plan is to transfer as much as possible from the 4pt to the 3aj. ie. the complete motor and wiring loom

questions i have are:

-which has the better front end, in terms of suspension, brakes, rims- or what would br the best combination?

-which is the better rear shock?

-should i just keep the 3aj carbs and settings as airbox and exhaust will be the same?

-is there a downloadable 4pt wiring diagramme anywhere?

-are cables interchangeable? they appear the same

-are there any modifications i should make to the 4pt motor or loom?

-does anyone have any sage advice for a mechanically inept novice?

many thanks in advance

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